Security Systems in unlikely places

As a society, we are always vulnerable to theft, vandalism, violence, and delinquent behavior. Parking lots, service stations, bottle shops, and financial institutions are hotspots where theft is a common occurrence. However, these criminal acts are not confined to bad neighborhoods or low income areas. It can happen anywhere at any time and as a result it is always good to have security systems in place to deter, alert, and witness a criminal offense.

They encompass video surveillance (CCTV/IP surveillance), video analytics, access control, alarm systems, and alarm monitoring technologies. The presence of this equipment can provide both patrons and employees alike with a sense of safety and security.

We expect to see surveillance equipment in places like malls and shops, but many unlikely places like construction sites, parks, and farms are also at risk.

Why Construction Sites?

Construction sites are filled with building material and heavy machinery. These are at risk of theft by employees and outsiders and the site is also exposed to vandalism. Regardless of the size of the site, it is best to invest in a security system to protect your assets. Further, security cameras can evidence any accident that takes place and help protect you from an insurance claim.

With affordable surveillance systems like analogue CCTV cameras, you can place your surveillance equipment anywhere in plain sight. Building materials are expensive and accidents could be costly to the owner, so surveillance can both deter crime and ensure that the construction workers put safety first as they go about their task. Further, security systems in plain site will help to deter vandals who might tamper with the heavy machinery or spray paint graffiti on them.

Why Parks?

Places of leisure like parks where communities gather are also in danger of delinquency. It’s a place where families gather, individuals exercise, and where people come to be surrounded by nature. The last thing on their mind is crime and this makes it an easy target for petty theft and muggings. As security systems become more functional and smaller, it is easier to install the devices in outdoor areas without affecting the ambience. Their presence along with appropriate signage can help deter crime or help alert law enforcement. High resolution IP cameras like NETGEAR Arlo Security System are ideal as it operates on wireless technology and in this setting it can also help identify the offenders easily.

The presence of security cameras can deter substance abusers from gathering and conducting criminal activities. Parks are ideal places for the introduction of security systems like video analytics. This revolutionary technology can count people, recognize faces, detect objects, and the artificial intelligence that can identify suspicious behavior and automatically notify security personnel will be an excellent way to anticipate and combat crime.

Why Farms?

The least likely place that you will expect to see security systems are farms, but these vast areas are also prone to crime. As a farmer, you cannot physically be everywhere at the same time, so it is hard to monitor every acre of the property. This is where surveillance and security systems can help monitor your assets and help deter theft and vandalism.

Farms are also places of employment and it is also a prime location for seasonal employment where farmhands are hired on a temporary basis. With so many people on the premises, it will be difficult for the owner to keep an eye on everyone. So the presence of cameras that are visible without any blind spots can ensure employee productivity and keep your assets safe.

In this age of terror, it is also important to ensure that our food supply is safe from terrorist attacks. Livestock, crops, and water supply are all at risk and need to be protected. No matter how big or small the operation, surveillance videos and security systems can help protect the premises and keep track of livestock.

In countries like the United States, surveillance cameras are common place and can be found just about anywhere. The rest of the world is also catching up to this phenomenon simply out of necessity. So whether it is a city or a country town, there is a need for extra security. It is imperative that councils and individuals alike explore the vast benefits that are available in security systems that are getting cheaper every day. No matter where we are, it is generally accepted that we want to feel protected. In this day and age, Big Brother has become an essential part of our lives.