Advantages of Keyless Door Locks

Everyone has misplaced or lost their keys and generally one of those keys is one that fits the front door of their home, condo or apartment.

It is a fact of life, everyone loses keys. And when those keys just happen to be keys to your home it can mean some pretty nervous times until the door locks are either replaced or re-keyed. Combination locks have give some partial relief but technology has given manufacturers the ability to design and produce keyless systems that have introduced not only convenience but ease of use. Originally used by hotels in the form of magnetic cards and keypads keyless locks have now entered the main stream home market.

As usual, price is the deciding factor in the growing popularity of keyless entry systems. Technology has allowed prices to dramatically fall. Years ago price was simply prohibitive for the common home owner. Originally, commercial systems cost in the neighborhood of four figures, but with increased technology came huge reductions in price. So a commercial keyless entry lock system that ran $1,000 today can be had for roughly $150.

Advantages of modern keyless systems make the conventional key locks appear out of date and far less convenient. Unlike keyed locks, keyless entry systems allow you to enter different codes for different users. This feature lets you program your lock to allow access to specific individuals and at specific times. Many of the systems provide seamless integration with a home computer which can monitor everyone who comes and goes and in addition allow remote code maintenance.

Home automation is expanding and locks are an integral part of it. Homeowners not only want the added security keyless entry systems provide they are also looking for convenience. No more lost keys or hiding an extra key on the outside of the home.